Q. What are our quality standards?
Q. How do we match our puppies to new owners?
Q. Can anyone have an Armatan puppy?
Q. Do we sell dogs / puppies with contracts?
Q. Do we sell older dogs?

What are our quality standards?
All Armatan dogs / puppies are bred from stock that we feel will both benefit our breeding program and the breed at large. Great importance is placed on both metal and physical, of all dogs bred. Sires and Dams are B.V.A. (certified clear of hip and elbow dysplasia) yearly examination of eyes by an authorized B.V.A. examiner to ensure no congenital or hereditary eye disease. All puppies are screened and are Kennel Club Registered. Our dogs are dogs that live with us - they are not just kennel dogs. We breed dogs that we would want to live with.

How do we match our puppies to new owners?
We do not allow buyers to choose what puppy they would like from the litter, since this would often result in a poor match between dog and owner. It is our goal for the dog to have a happy, lifetime home with equally happy owners, and we have been very successful using our experience to matching up puppies and owners. Dogs / puppies are raised in our homes as we have two homes i.e. our daughters and ours more dogs / puppies spend more time in our homes on average than in kennels. Our puppies from birth until they leave for their new homes are given daily socialization, experiencing a verity of situations appropriate to their ages, we give a tremendous amount of time into our puppies to ensure that they will be well rounded individuals. All dogs are raised on holistic diet this is a combination of both raw & dog food appropriate for there ages.

Can anyone have an Armatan puppy?
We don't sell our puppies to anyone we want to be sure that the breed and each individual dog is a good fit for the potential owner a lifetime home is more important to us than a sale. In matching puppies with owners, we try to be as quick as possible but we do not make the final decision about which home individual puppies go to until after 6 - 8 weeks of age when overall health, temperament, structure and movement can be clearly evaluated. (Puppies do not leave for their new homes until after 8 - 10 weeks) We talk to the potential owner we inform them of the pros and cons about the breed, as well specific information about an individual dog or puppy. We offer buyers experience and support after they take their puppy home. When you have a question, we are their to help, we are there to walk you through.

Do we sell dogs / puppies with contracts?
We do our best to breed healthy sound dogs, and back up our breeding with our contracts compiled by our solicitor.

Our pet puppies start at 550.00 - Contract Pet

Show / Breeding Price by private treaty - contract Show / Breeding NB - NO PUPPY / DOG WILL BE SOLD FOR BREEDING PURPOSES ONLY ..

Please understand that only being a small kennel puppies are on a limited basis and not made to order reservations are made by what is whelped (co lour, sex, quality) as well as by the waiting list, priority given on the longest first.

Only puppies we feel that will be of betterment to the breed will be sold as Show \ Breeding quality.

Do we sell older dogs?
We may also occasionally offer adults for sale. These dogs are usually retired show dogs or puppies those we: grew up: that didn't end up making the show ring. All of these dogs are well socialized, house trained, and up to date on all health checks.