Hi I am Murder that is what my mum and dad call me with other naughty words as well when I have things to do and not listening to them. I am the one that has all the work to do not to go out to shows and enjoy but the real work. I was the one that taught Sam to walk with holding on to my coat, Cleaned his face & floor after his dinner, there as a pillow when he was sleepy, its all a big responsibility and guess what I have to start and train again for Josh has come on the scene now and I have to start all over again just when you get one trained.
In my spare time I like swimming and I don't mind where in a canal, in a lake in the Sea......... it's all the same to me and playing with my friends Scully & Reno although Reno can be a bit of a pain at times as he gets frustrated that I can run faster than him and always get the balls.