Ir. Ch Armatan Bad Moon Rising (a.i) ShCM CW'07 (DASH)

Dash at 12 weeks

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Dash as he is affectionately known, Named by my grandson as he is the biggest fan of the Incredibles and everything has something to do with them. He is a very affectionate little man and quick on the uptake and has now found a new friend with his auntie amber she has been very tolerant of him but does tell him his place in the pecking order. Cheeky and full of fun and willing to please even at such an early age lets hope that he does as well as his half brother and sister.

D.O.B. 24 - 01 - 05

HIPS: 3 - 5 = 8

ELBOWS: 0 - 0 = 0



KC REG NO: Removed to prevent fraud

CEA/PRA clear by Optigen.

Dash is just letting you know that I have now gone to a new mummy, not that I didnít like it with my friends but mom said it was time for a change. My new mom is called Julie Blackburn she is very nice and I have made some new doggy friends too. I have settled in well and there are lots of treats when I behave myself and that is most of the time. I will continue with my show career and you will be able to follow it on the website, with my new mom I will also diversify down other avenues and that will also be publicised if you have any enquires regarding myself please contact by email: - Or this website.