Barbie is our little darling she has been the grounding for the kennel, sent to us in whelp from the Heatherhill Kennel in the U.S. Alan & Kathy McCorkle. She is one of the sweetest natured dogs that you could ever wish to meet. She has since given us further litters and is now in for retirement and well deserved we hope that her daughter will carry on what she started.

Midland Counties 2002 Best Bitch

Windsor 2003 Best Bitch

NASA Open Show 2004 1st Open Bitch

ASCUK Open Show 2004 Best Brood Bitch

Top Brood Bitch 2005

Hi, after having my babies I decided that it was time to retire, so my mum, dad and Sarah said that I was so good I deserved an happy retirement so they spayed me. I went visit our vet who fell in love with me and after some discussion with mom and him they decided that I could go and live with him and his family, yes I fell right on my feet and now have a nice home three kids and three cats to take care of, I sleep next to their bed on my own cover and am well looked after by my new family think that I am wonderful and it seems that I have never lived anywhere else, but they have said that I can go back for holidays.

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